A little more love

We fought We laughed You left I was hurt But When the dust settled And the lights went out Each of us was left with a broken heart Yearning for what we had but too proud to admit That at the end of the day we both need a little more love and there’s no shame… Read More A little more love


Spirits,  ghosts, curses… I honestly don’t know what to make of these things,  probably never will. All I know is that everyone we meet has a struggle of their own deep down.  Some see it as a normal phenomenon,  something they need and can overcome either through a divine power or on their own. Whichever… Read More Struggles


I don’t believe in saints for one simple reason.  They don’t make mistakes.  Don’t get me wrong,  I believe in a higher power,  God to be precise.  I just don’t get how a human being can lead a perfect life.  I mean,  our mistakes make us who we are.  They are what’s normal about us.… Read More Mistakes